Lauren & John [Wilmore Kentucky Engagement Photographer]

Where do I even begin?

Lauren and John had an awesome engagement session.

First we went to an old feed mill in Wilmore, which turned out to be a perfect setting.

Lauren and John were so fun to work with.  Lots of laughter!

See what I mean?

The feed mill has railroad tracks just in front of it, so we walked over there for a few shots.  I was only a little concerned about getting hit by a train while distracted peering through the lens…

Lauren was completely beautiful.  They were patiently willing to do any pose I suggested, but they also had lots of natural chemistry!

After this we went over to a big field off of US 68.  I accidentally got us lost and turned around on the way there due to my inability to read a map.  Whoops!

It was worth it though, the light in the field was amazing.  We arrived just before sunset.

Queen Ann’s lace was in bloom!

We incorporated the blooming flowers into her ring shot

Funny story about these last two pictures.  Poor John was just about done with being photographed at this point, and there was one last pose I wanted to do with them.

It involved laying in the tall grass.

The pictures came out exactly like I hoped, but Lauren, John, and I all got covered in chiggers!

Lauren and John’s wedding will be at the Berry Hill Mansion.  Stay tuned to see the photos in a few weeks!

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