Beth & Weston’s Beach Wedding {Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer}

Sand, sun, the ocean, and photography all rolled into one?  Best vacation ever!

In October we took a family trip to Holden Beach, NC for my brother in law’s wedding.  The weather was cool and rainy for the first few days of the trip, but by the day of the wedding it was beautiful and sunny outside.  Absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was in the early evening, just before sunset.  The girls started getting ready at the beach house in the late afternoon.

Beth’s dress was so pretty!

Step one: hair!

This image is one of my favorites, for no particular reason.  Just something about it…

Meanwhile others were hard at work upstairs in the kitchen getting everything ready for the reception afterward.

Beth’s family owns Weisenberger Mill in Woodford County, Kentucky.  So the wedding food and favors included grits from the mill, biscuit mix, and homemade jam.

The wedding had a beach theme.  These were the boutineers!

Finally it was time for the wedding on the beach.

This is Beth’s dad as he saw her descending the stairs in her wedding dress.  The look on his face was priceless.

The bridesmaids’ boots all lined up in a row while they walked barefoot on the beach:

Unfortunately the minister only allowed photography from behind the audience, so my photos were limited.  They still came out great though!

Afterward we snapped a few quick sunset pictures before everyone literally ran back to the beach house for the reception fun.

Flower girl grumpiness at its finest.  We laughed so hard when this picture first came up on the screen.

There are hundreds more pictures from the beach wedding week.  Hopefully I’ll find time to post some more of them soon!

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