My girls… [Lexington, Kentucky Family Photography]

I can’t resist taking a million pictures of my girls.

I have literally thousands of photos of each one of them doing everything from using the potty for the first time, to picking their noses, to smiling and looking pretty.  I’m sure they’ll thank me for it when their older.  And…I’ve definitely got a lot of blackmail shots.;-)

Sometimes I worry that I’ve robbed my oldest daughter Rosie of our one-on-one relationship by adding Baby Ada to the equation.  Rosie used to be the center of my world until Ada came along.  Sometimes though, I sit back and watch them and I’m instantly reassured.  Having a second baby has added something wonderful to the mix.  (And then I stop and wonder if having a second baby was this great, how much better will it be when I add a third, a fourth, a fifth, etc….!)

Just look at them!  I love my girls.  Ada has a chipped front tooth and a scraped up nose.  Rosie is the opposite, dainty and not daring in the least, but opinionated.  Definitely opinionated.

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