Baby Guiliana [Lexington, Kentucky Newborn Photographer]

I love photographing infants!  Newborns are only teeny tiny for such a short time.  Their newborn portraits are best done in the first couple of weeks after birth in order to truly capture that brand new infant look.

It takes so much patience to do a newborn photo session.  There’s a lot of waiting…waiting for the baby to eat, waiting for the baby to fall asleep, then holding your breathe and hoping the baby doesn’t wake up when you try to pose them.  Then they pee or poop as soon as you get everything situated!

All of the waiting pays off though, if we’re lucky and the baby falls asleep soundly you’ll end up with beautiful images to treasure forever.

Baby Guiliana had a heating pad underneath of the blanket so she would be warm and relaxed on this cold snowy day.  It worked like a charm!

Of course happy baby moments must always come to an end…

And I can’t forget beautiful big sister Emily!

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