Elizabeth & Scott Get Married. [Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer]

Elizabeth and Scott got married at sunset on the grounds of Southland Christian Church.

We did a few quick portraits of family before the wedding started, and I just have to share a couple!

I had a close call while photographing this wedding.  I have long hair, and the evening was cool and windy.  They had tikki torches set up all along the isle.

Are you seeing where this is going?

While bending to take a picture during the ceremony I felt a hot breeze and…

Thankfully I realized in time and I was able to avoid becoming a live torch in the middle of their vows.  That would have been bad.

Don’t mind me, the flaming photographer, continue with the ceremony…

The backdrop was so pretty, it almost looks like a movie set instead of reality in the pictures.

I love this shot.  What a perfect kiss, backed up by flaming sunset!

Congratulations Elizabeth and Scott!


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