Owen & Family {Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer}

I had a fundraising photo session the other night. I’ve been trying to book a few sessions in Columbus and it’s hard. I can’t seem to get my business off the ground. There are many photographers that have a basic DSLR and charge so little money for tons of photos.

Anyway, this family was really sweet.  Their eight year old son has autism and ADHD, which is the exact same diagnosis Greg had.  We did daily care for Greg when Rosie was a baby. He was fifteen years old at the time.

Honestly I love kids with special needs. They’re so genuine! I find them easier to relate to than typical kids sometimes.

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Their son is named Owen and their nickname for him is O-bot, which is awesomely awesome. They were so patient, I could tell how much they adored him!

He absolutely did not stop moving during the entire time we were taking pictures. Running, narrating to himself what he was doing, hand flapping, jumping. (Actually except for the hand flapping he reminded me a lot of Igor when he was eight and we first hosted him…)

This was challenging from a photography standpoint because I couldn’t herd him into the best lit spots. Thankfully his parents didn’t expect neatly posed pictures of him, because clearly that was not going to magically happen!

Owen is apparently a dictionary of botany. His “thing” happens to be leaves and flowers, which is so cool! He’s only eight and he knows how to ID every leaf he’s ever seen.

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We were at the apple orchard and they don’t allow apple picking on weekdays, so no one else was there. We were just walking (running, in Owen’s case) through the fields of apple trees.

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I needed a way to engage Owen so that I could actually take a few pictures of him, so I pointed out to him that you could find the overripe and rotten apples, then throw them up in the air and watch them splat.

This was apparently the most amazing thing ever in his mind, and he focused on the rotten apple search with laser-like precision.;)We spent nearly two hours hanging out and playing with rotting apples.

alt text

I also discovered that he likes bear hugs from his dad, which is so sweet.

We ended up in a lot of deep shade, but that will have to just be the way it is because Owen wasn’t interested in taking pictures on purpose. Hah.

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I had a lot of fun busting rotten apples with him. A whole lot of fun. I kind of didn’t want to leave. After I got home I sent his mom a message letting her know that Owen is an awesome kid and I had a great time with them this evening.

Hopefully I was able to capture some of his personality in the pictures. I took a ton!

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Vicky & Tyler: The First Look! {Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography}

Traditionally the groom sees the bride for the first time all decked out in her wedding dress as she’s walking down the aisle, right? Well lately the “first look” has become a fun thing for couples to do. I love photographing this! Seeing the bride for the first time in a more private, intimate setting is memorable, and so sweet!

Here’s a short slideshow of Vicky and Tyler’s first look at each other before the ceremony.





Gratz Park Inn Engagement! {Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer}

Lisa contacted me about doing an engagement session downtown in Lexington at Gratz Park Inn and it turned out to be such a unique place! The lobby is timeless. What year is it again?

We also drove over to the Arboretum for a few pictures. Spring hadn’t quite sprung just yet and our heels kept sinking into the mud, but we still got some sweet shots…

They came up to Kentucky from Atlanta to elope. I think it was a perfect weekend!


Photos in the Blossoms!

After taking some time off while my family moved (twice, unfortunately!) and having a new baby I am now ready to get back down to business!

Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait to get outside!

Now is the time to book photo sessions for the spring tulips and cherry blossoms at the Lexington Cemetery!  The blooms are usually at their most beautiful in mid April. Last year they were blooming around the 10th.

Here are a few photos of my family and friends last year at the cemetery.


I would love to schedule a weekend of sessions in the blossoms!

The date is TBA depending on which weekend the trees and tulips are all blooming, but time slots can be scheduled in advance for a Saturday or Sunday.

(Easter session deal includes two parents and up to three children. Each extra child is an additional $20!)

Don’t forget–I’m also available for family sessions, weddings, and births!:)

To ask questions or schedule a session please email amyamosphotography@gmail.com instead of commenting on the blog so I don’t miss you. Thanks!

David & Ines

Sometimes clients become good friends. It’s a repeated problem for me.;) Now I am privileged to see this sweet baby girl growing up. These pictures were taken in January of 2014.

This is her newborn session. It was right around Christmas time, so the Christmas tree made gorgeous lighting for a few pictures. Just looking back at these pictures is giving me baby fever!